Agridence Rubber Grow smallholder training module.

AR partnered with the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) to develop Agridence RubberGrow digital agronomy training modules for rubber smallholders in Indonesia. The high-quality instructional videos were curated by both organizations and are based on SNV’s Better Management Practices materials.

After the production of the first video, we conducted a small-scale user testing with smallholders. Their feedback was taken into consideration when producing subsequent videos, which are available on the Agridence Rubber YouTube channel in English and in Bahasa Indonesia.

These modules are AR’s first step towards extending our service offerings beyond analytics and data streams, to the tools needed to react to the risks uncovered by the data. These tools can help companies design on-the-ground interventions to mitigate identified risks and increase the sustainability of their products.

Media Links:

  1. Press release link
  2. YouTube for English and  Bahasa Indonesia
HeveaGROW Module 1

Netherlands Development Organization (SNV)

SNV is a non-profit international development organisation that works to develop sustainable agricultural production. Through collaborations with partners, SNV promotes good and sustainable agricultural practices amongst smallholder farmers.

IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative

IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative is a social enterprise that works with businesses, financiers, governments and civil society to realize sustainable trade in global value chains. IDH works to create an enabling environment to develop smallholder-inclusive business models, improving the livelihoods of smallholders, their families, and the surrounding communities.