Agridence RubberTrace Farm Mapping Pilot And Rubberway Study

AR conducted a traceability pilot in Indonesia’s Jambi province to understand the costs and challenges of ground-truthing. As part of the pilot, AR did a market study of available traceability technology providers. AR selected CropIn as the technology solution for this pilot. The pilot focused on data collection and successfully mapped 1,800 farmers over a 12-month period using CropIn and RubberWay.

The data collected focused on farmer demographics, plot characteristics, and rubber cultivation practices. It was used to check for land-use changes and prohibited areas from government regulations using Global Forest Watch data. In the future, the data will be used to target farmer intervention programs.

The findings from our traceability pilot and experience with Cropin prompted us to collaborate with WWF to develop a tool that is better suited to the conditions and requirements of agricommodity supply chains.


RubberWay is a risk-mapping solution developed to identify sustainability risks throughout the whole natural rubber upstream supply chain, known to be particularly complex and volatile.