Our brand new look

Our new brand is a combination of technology, data and nature. The combination of clean fluid shapes and, natural textures and images, creates a unique visual representation of our values and advantages as an innovative and sustainable company.

Our new logo

connect to nature,
connect to technology.


The new logo represents HeveaConnect’s vision and values. Our new symbol, epitomised in the initials “HC” reflects the merging of a rubber drop, a location icon, data polls, and trading arrows.

The new logo, just like the new HeveaConnect, is a combination of technology, data and nature. The round shapes are modern and clean – following the visual language of digital platforms and data visualisation while the unique font is inspired by nature, representing our connection to Natural Rubber by imitating the rubber tapping spiral shape.

our colour palette


The colour palette is built from blue tones and orange-red(ish) highlight shade.
By using warmer and softer colours, we combine nature with technology, soil with data and people with innovation.

Our solution

Presenting our products


From the trading platform to our data centre, HeveaConnect is providing a wide variety of solutions for any step in the supply chain. Our digital products will be presented and demonstrated by clay mockups that displays our products in all types of devices.


photography and texture


The photography we use is focused on the process – from the farmer to the client, HeveaConnect is putting the people in the centre.

The texture in our branding is a homage to rubber. Its characteristics of being natural, random and always a product of quality makes it HeveaConnect approved.





Trade up to a digital world

technology. transparency. trust.

We are digitalising the entire natural rubber supply chain across the globe – from farmers to producers, and from consumers to facilitators – to create a data-enriched, technology-powered ecosystem.

Muli font   |   five weights



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