Supply chain data.

Your assurance of sustainability.

Engineered for Earth

For any business,

data determines destiny.

In the natural rubber industry, data about the supply chain also informs your organisation’s endeavours to be a good corporate citizen – one that is always mindful of its impact on the planet and its inhabitants, and strives to replenish the planet’s ever-dwindling natural resources.

Traditionally, data collection in the global rubber supply chain has been both highly inadequate and prohibitively labour-intensive. That’s where we come in.

To assist and guide your sustainability goals, we custom-build all the tools you need to collect data digitally. We can also attach it to the physical product, so that the data stream is integrated end-to-end across the supply chain.

All systems green

To help you make the most informed, thoughtful decisions,

we offer you a choice of sustainability standards and frameworks:


or your company policies.


GFW, WWF or other GIS


Showing sustainability/

traceability data

Guaranteed Data Security

It’s the Fort Knox

of data

The data you generate when using our solutions is highly sensitive and confidential. To protect your business and your interests, we’ve put in place the highest database security and encryption protocols. Stored in a separate secure database, the only third-party that will have access is SGX, in keeping with its role of governance (through oversight of the encryption keys).